Winter trip to Brno

The third weekend in January I thought it would be great to visit another czech city during the winter when everywhere was so much snow. With my girlfriend I chose the second biggest city in the Czech Republic – Brno.

We went by a train from Ústí nad Labem at about 7 AM to Prague where we changed trains and after 4 hours we were finally in Brno. From the train station we wanted to go to Petrov but there was a closed gate so we just stopped there and then we continued to Freedom Square. There is situated funny astronomical clock and as always we had to take a photo with that.

Our next stop was Špilberk Castle. The castle is situated at the top of the hill and it was a little bit harder to get there because the path was icy. On our last trip the temperature was about -15°C and this time we had so much better weather, only -5°C 😀 so it wasn’t that bad. When we finally climbed to the top of the hill we walked around the castle and we took a few photos with the beautiful view of Brno.

When we were at the castle we were thinking what to visit next and we chose the option to go home. We spent in Brno about two and half hours and it was enough in that cold weather. To the train station we came just a few minutes before the train arrived so it was perfectly timed. Well, after another 5 hours we were finally home 😀

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