Around the Czech Republic – Day fifth: Mariánské Lázně

Next stop of our Summer trip 2015 was a spa city Mariánské Lázně where we met each other for the first time last year. We started at Ústí nad Labem main station again and headed to Cheb for 3 hours where we had to change trains and continued to Mariánské Lázně about 30 minutes by a train.

We came to the beautiful spa city Mariánské Lázně at 11 AM and headed through some park to the city center. We visited in the park Ferdinand Spring which is the oldest spring in the city. I tasted it and it wasn’t bad. Then we already continued visit the most beautiful colonnade we have ever seen and the singing fountain. It is one of the dominants of the city.

At 1 PM the signing fountain had a show so we made a video of that. We also took a lot of pictures of the colonnade and of the city center. We had to try traditional spa wafers and it was very tasty! Time passed quickly so we went to the train station because it is far to the city center. At 3 PM we were at the train station and waited for our train which came in a while.

We went home through the city Cheb again where we had to change trains again. During the day was so hot such as on our previous trips so we rested during all the way home.

It was about 7 PM and we were coming to Ústí nad Labem, our home. When we came home we had to download our pictures and rest all evening. It was exacting traveling but we were so happy we did it and the next day we were on our way again!

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Around the Czech Republic – Day fourth: Liberec

Our trip continued to the north to the city of Liberec where we were on our first trip together last year! The way to Liberec took about 2 hours by a train so we had a lot of time in the train to plan what to do there.

We arrived to Liberec at 10 AM and we headed by a tram under Ještěd mountain. It is the highest peak of Ještěd-Kozákov Ridge with 1012 metres altitude and at the top there is a beautiful TV tower.

We didn’t want to walk up so we took a cable car and it was a great ride. After about 2 minutes we were at the top of the mountain. We took a lot of pictures and we saw in a distance rain, it was very interesting.

At the top we were about 1 hour so it was time to go to visit the city center. We climbed down and by a tram we got to the downtown. We had no water to drink so we had to buy some soda in the shopping mall Forum Liberec. We took a walk in the downtown and the most interesting thing was Liberec Town Hall such a beautiful building!

It was 4 PM and it was time to catch our train. We were so tired again so we rested during the way to our home Ústí nad Labem. I think it was a great trip again and we experienced a lot of fun.

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Around the Czech Republic – Day third: 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

It was 4th of July 2015 and we decided visit one of the oldest film festival in the world! We had one day off so we recharged our energy! We started in Ústí nad Labem main station. The train was filling during the way with many tourists and after about 2 hours we arrived to Karlovy Vary.

The train station is not in the city center so we walked there about 20 minutes. We took a walk in the city center and visited lobby of Spa Hotel Thermal where we met former president of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus. Then we went to visit The Mill Colonnade, it is one of the 4 colonnade in Karlovy Vary and the biggest one.

After a little walk around the colonnade we headed catch the cable car because we wanted to see the city from above. We got of the cable car the first station because there is a beautiful view point called Deer Jump Lookout. There was such a beautiful view on the city center so we had to took some pictures.

We saw what we wanted from above so it was time to climb down. It was only about 10 minutes walk down the hill. We had a lot of time so we were walking in the city center again. There was some charity event where the famous czech celebrities rode a stationary bicycle. There were Martina Sáblíková, Jiří Bartoška, Karel Roden, Jiří Macháček and many others. We also saw the part of ViralBrothers, Czech famous YouTubers. In Karlovy Vary was Richard Gere presenting a special screening of Pretty Woman. Unfortunately it was at night and we couldn’t stay there because no train went to Ústí nad Labem so late.

It was about 4 PM and after a sunny day we were tired so it was time to go catch the train. To the train station we came half an hour before the train was departed so we rested a little bit. At 5 PM the train finally came and we went catch our seats. We took our seats in full train and watched our photos from our trip. It was 2 hours long way to Ústí nad Labem and we arrived there at 7 PM. Finally we were home and happy for successful trip to Karlovy Vary.

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Around the Czech Republic – Day second: Hradec Králove and Pardubice

It was hot sunny morning and we were headed to the first city Hradec Králové. We started at Ústí nad Labem West train station with a train to Lysá nad Labem where we had to change trains. After about 3 hours from our home we were finally in Hradec Králové, we headed to Šimkovy sady which is so beautiful city park and then we visited Velké náměstí (Big Square) and took some pictures there.

We were in Hradec only about 2 hours and then we decided to visit the next city Pardubice. It is only about 25 minutes by a train there so we were there in a moment. I was in Pardubice a year ago so i knew there is a shop at the train station where they have so good strawberry ice cream and we had to buy two of them. We ate this great ice cream and headed to the shopping mall Palác Pardubice where we bought some soda and cider for a refreshment.

In Pardubice there is a beautiful tower called Zelená brána (Green Gate) the main dominant of the city. We had to go up and watch the city from above! There were beautiful view and we saw whole of Pardubice so we had to took some pictures again. Below the tower there is square called Pernštýnské náměstí from where we walked visit castle Pardubice. We went around the castle and we were tired as the day before, so we decided to go to catch the first train to Prague where we had to change trains to the train which go to our home.

After two hours by a train from Pardubice we were finally home. Trip to these two beautiful czech cities was great. It was so hot again but only one day of our 14 days of traveling it wasn’t sunny and we were so happy the weather was great. The next post will be about our trip to the 50th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival!

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Around the Czech Republic – Day first: Karlštejn Castle and Prague

In the summer of 2015 I wanted to do some trip with my girlfriend so I decided we will do 14 days trip across the Czech Republic. Two weeks because Czech Railways offer in summer special cheap train ticket and you can go anywhere in the Czech Republic by a train for 14 days! It is great offer so we did it!

The first day 1st of July we decided to visit some famous castle, I think Karlštejn was a great idea because it is probably the most popular castle in Bohemia and this castle was also in the classic czech movie A Night at Karlstein.

Our trip started in Ústí nad Labem main station, after one hour we had to change trains in Prague and then about 40 minutes to Karlštejn where the castle is located. We chose a longer way than tourists usually use to get to the castle and it was worth it! There was so beautiful view on the castle so we took a lot of pictures and continued to Karlštejn Castle. When we came to the castle there were so many tourists but we expected more of them. We went all around the castle about 1 hour and then we headed to the train station to catch a train.

We had to change trains in Prague again and it was only about 1PM so we stopped there for about 2 hours before we went home and walked in the city center. From the Prague main railway station we headed to Wenceslas Square where is a statue of Saint Wenceslas and the square is one of the biggest in the Czech Republic. Then we continued to Old Town Square and there is Prague orloj (Astronomical clock). The clock was built in 1410.

After a little walk in Old Town we wanted to see Prague Castle so we went to Charles Bridge where is a beautiful view to the castle. The bridge is the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic. Charles Bridge and Karlštejn Castle were built by Charles IV. From the bridge we saw beautiful Prague Castle and took some pictures of it.

It was so hot all day and we were tired so we decided we will go home. The railway station is close to the city center so it didn’t take a long time to get there and we caught the train just right. After an hour and a bit we were home.

This trip to the most beautiful castle I have ever seen and I think Prague is the one of the most beautiful cities in the world was so great and we enjoyed this trip so much! The next cities we visited were Hradec Králové and Pardubice but I will write about them next time.

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