Around the Czech Republic – Day twelvth: České Budějovice

Last day of our 14 days Summer trip 2015 is here, we went to the south city of České Budějovice. It is over 270 km long way and it lasts over 4 hours by a train so it was so exhausting way. Our way started at Ústí nad Labem main station, after one hour we were in Prague where we had to change trains and after another 3 hours we were finally in České Budějovice.

The whole way to České Budějovice it was a good weather but exactly when we came there it started raining and we left our umbrella in the previous train unfortunately. We had to hide under the buildings. It rained all the time so we tried to be hidden.

It was already one hour of rain and we saw a view tower called Black Tower where was a roof so we would be hidden there before rain. We got there and we saw the whole city of České Budějovice. There was a great view and we watched the city a few minutes and after we got down, the rain wasn’t too heavy so we headed around the city center. There is so beautiful old square with a fountain.

We headed to some park and near the park we saw ice hockey stadium. Then we already went back to the square and after 2,5 hours in České Budějovice we decided to go home because of so bad weather, it started raining again. It was over 4 hours in a train again and it was a little bit more exhausting than we expected. We arrived to Ústí nad Labem a while after 6PM and we were resting all the evening.

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