The second trip in 2017 – Karlovy Vary in winter

After our first trip in 2017 to Prague, we traveled to our next destination, to a spa city Karlovy Vary. We went in a first class train again, but this time, it looked like a normal train, nothing special, just a little bit more space for legs. To the city of Karlovy Vary we arrived after two hours by a train from our departure station Ústí nad Labem.

When we arrived, we thought a station in Karlovy Vary will be already new, because the station should have been finished in the summer last year, but they still construct the new station. After a quick look at the station it was a time to go to the city centre. There was so much snow everywhere so it was hard  to go there but we did it.

In the city centre we went around Hotel Thermal, where the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary take a place every year and we continued to the beautiful Mill Colonnade. In the city there are so many Russian people, almost 90 % of people we met, were Russians. We felt like we are in Russia. We wanted to go to the roof of Mill Colonnade but the doors were closed so we went to some viewpoint over the colonnade and it was so hard to get there because the stairs were so slippery because the snow and ice were everywhere. But the view was beautiful, so we took a few photos and we had to go down from the stairs and it was again so funny and hard to go down.

Around Hot Spring Colonnade and alongside the river Teplá we were after a few minutes next to the Grandhotel Pupp, which is so beautiful and big hotel where the Casino Royale with James Bond was filmed. We had to take a few photos again and then it was a great time to see Karlovy Vary from above. We went by funicular Diana to the station Jelení skok from where we went to my favorite view point where you can see the whole city centre from above. It was a great walk through a lot of snow to the view point where we took a lot of photos and then it was time to go down to the city centre because we had to catch our train. It wasn’t easy to go down from the hill because the way was so slippery and we fell down many times :D. But we made it and to the train station we came in time.

We had wet shoes and socks but it was another great winter trip to the beautiful Czech city Karlovy Vary.

Photos from this and other trips you can find, as always, on my Instagram profile: @pmottl.

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The first trip in 2017 – Winter Prague

The first weekend of 2017 me and my girlfriend we started on the way. We had an opportunity to travel wherever we wanted in the Czech Republic in the first class trains so we decided to go to Prague on Saturday (because we have never been to Prague when there was a snow) and the next day we went to Karlovy Vary. This post will be about our trip to Prague.

We started as always in Ústí nad Labem and from there we went by Eurocity train directly to Prague. The train was full of people, but we could travel in the frist class, so we went there and there were only a few people, it was cool to have first class just for us.

The first station in Prague was Holešovice and it was the station where we got off the train and our walk through the frozen Prague could started. That day was almost -15 °C but we were properly dressed, so it wasn’t so cold for us.

Our first stop was next to Výstaviště Praha, where we took our first photos and then we continued to AC Sparta Prague stadium, which is the stadium of my favorite team. The next stop was Prague Metronome on Letná near the stadium and there is one of my most favorite views of Prague. We took a lot of photos there and it was time to move on.

As the last time we wanted to visit Prague Castle, but when we came near the castle there were so many people waiting for a security check. I hate waiting in the line and it was so cold so we walked around the castle and we went on Hradčany Square where is another entrance, but again, there were so many people waiting in the line. At least we took there few pictures of Prague roofs with a snow and there was a beautiful view.

From the square we went down to Lesser Town and when we came near the Charles Bridge I decided to climb to Lesser Town Bridge Tower which was on my list to visit. There is an amazing view of Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and Lesser Town, you should definitely go there if you will be in Prague!

After we crossed the Charles Bridge, we went to the Old Town Square for a few minutes, then we went to shopping mall Palladium for something to eat and then we went by subway to IKEA because we had a lot of time and we wanted to look for something. We bought there only a few things and after about an hour we went by a subway to the train station to wait for a train back to Ústí nad Labem.

It was a great trip, our first to Prague during the snow season and we enjoyed it there. Also the first class was great but only because we had a privacy and we were in the railway car almost alone, not so special as we thought.

You can check out my photos from the trip on my Instagram, as always!

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