Trip to Prague during the Christmas markets

After a long time, me and my girlfriend we wanted to go on a trip, we were deciding if we will go to Prague or to Dresden. Prague won, because we were in Dresden a short time ago. On Saturday 10th of December we went to Prague!

From Ústí nad Labem we went before 8 AM and to Prague we arrived at 9 AM. The first thing I wanted to visit was Prašná brána where I wanted to climb up to the view tower to see Prague from above. Prašná brána was opening at 10 AM so we slowly went to take some photos to Old Town Square because we expected there won’t be a lot of people early in the morning, but unfortunately, there were so many people yet. At least we took a few photos of beautiful Staroměstský orloj (Prague astronomical clock) and a christmas tree with Týnský chrám (Church of Our Lady before Týn).

After a visiting Old Town Square it was almost 10 AM so we went back to Prašná brána and I could finally go up there! There were so beautiful views of Prague Castle, Žižkov TV Tower, Orloj and beautiful red roofs of Prague. I spent at the top of the tower almost half an hour and it was worth it.

At Prašná brána I took a lot of and our walk through Prague could continue. We went again to Old Town Square but we stopped there only for a while and then our next stop was The Charles Bridge. We went to Staroměstská mostecká věž but only to the half, because you don’t have to pay there and you can take photos from windows (typically czech :D). After we took a few photos we continued through very crowded Charles Bridge to Kampa Island where are another beautiful views of the bridge and nearby there is situated John Lennon Wall where you can write or draw anything you want.

John Lennon Wall was beautiful and our another location to visit was Petřín. We were there many times but this time we choose a different way. We were across a cable way throught Petřínské sady and there were another beautiful views of Prague and Prague Castle with St. Vitus Cathedral. It took almost an hour to climb up there but at least we didn’t have to wait in the long line to cable car. We walked through surroundings of Petřín Lookout Tower and then our another stop was Prague Castle. I had a plan to go through the castle to Letná but there is a new rule that you have to go through a security check if you want to visit the castle and there was a big waiting line so I was disappointed with that and we didn’t go there.

We went from Hradčanské náměstí down to Malá Strana and we went to take a look to a lot of swans near the Charles Bridge. We spent a few minutes by feeding the swans and we were hungry yet so it was a time to go somewhere for a food. We decided to visit KFC where we wanted to sit for a while to have a break for a while but it was full of people so we took a food away and we ate it while walking back to the Old Town Square. There were so many people and I was already tired because I slept only 3 hours so it was a time to go back to the train station wait for a train. On the way to the train station we wanted to visit Hamleys at Wenceslas Square but again there were so many people so we didn’t go there.

It was an amazing trip to Prague and if you would like to see the photos that I took, just visit visit my Instagram: @pmottl.

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