Walk to the tallest freestanding transmission tower in Czech Republic

After a long time I decided with my girlfriend to go to some trip near to our town. From many places in Ústí nad Labem we can see Buková hora TV Tower but we have never been there, until now.

To get to the mountain where is situated the TV Tower we had to go to Zubrnice by old train from 1951. As we arrived to Zubrnice we visited exhibition of their museum at the train station and then we walked up the hill to the peak.

Almost 2 hours and we were under the tower! The tower is 223 metres tall refering to Wikipedia. Near to the tower is located Humboldt viewpoint where you can see the city of Ústí nad Labem from distance. The visibility was great so we were happy to see that beautiful view.

We spent about half an hour at the top of the mountain and we had to go to village Malé Březno from where we went home by a bus. To the village we came after another two hour walking and after a few minutes our bus came so we could go home.

It was one of our first spring trips this year and we will continue with another soon!

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