Červená Lhota Castle

Trip to the beautiful castle Červená Lhota is my favorite one! From the village in Vysočina where we stayed about a week in summer it is about 15 kilometres by walk. That day we went to the castle it was again so sunny as almost whole summer 2015. We didn’t pack a lot of things, just our camera stuff and some snack.

We headed through forests, meadows and agricultural roads and we were taking pictures of that beautiful nature.

We had to drink a lot of water because of the hot weather. We were on our way about two and half hour and finally we were near to the beautiful red château called Červená Lhota. It is a water castle located in eastern part of South Bohemia on the north of Jindřichův Hradec region and it is the third most visited castle in South Bohemia after Český Krumlov Castle and Hluboká Castle.

Close to the castle there is a parking place and it was full of cars. Last time we were there it was totally empty and we were there alone. This time there were so many people. We went around the pond and we had to avoid a lot people because as I said, it was full of people. As always we were taking a lot of photos and I recorded a few minutes of video.

We spent there about 2 hours and it was time to go to catch our bus back to the cottage. We had to change the bus two times before we were at the place.

Trip to the beautiful castle Červená Lhota was one of the best we made in the summer.

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Jindřichův Hradec – city on the south

It was a sunny day at village when we decided to visit the nearest big city Jindřichův Hradec which is approximately 25 kilometres from the village where we stayed.

To get there we had to walk to other village about 3 kilometres. There is a station of narrow-gauge railway and our train arrived a few minutes after we came to the station. That train looked like submarine and there were damaged air-conditioner so it was so hot inside because there isn’t possibility to open windows. The only one good thing in this train was free Wi-Fi and I could plan what to visit.

To the city of Jindřichův Hradec we arrived after about one hour and then we headed from train station to the city center. There is beautiful castle so we walked around the castle and we were taking some pictures.

When we were there a year before I wanted to visit view tower but it was already closed. This time I had luck and I could go up watch the whole city from above. I saw the whole Vajgar pond which is the biggest pond in the city center.

In the downtown there is some aqua show which is hard to find but we made it! It was great show and the fountain sang classic czech symphonic poem Vltava.

We were tired because of that hot weather so we decided it is time to go back to cottage. We hoped we won’t go by the same train with broken air-conditioner but we went with this train again. Such a bad luck! After an hour we changed train for bus in Kamenice nad Lipou from where we went at our place.

It was again a great trip to the beautiful city of Jindřichův Hradec and a few days later we went to another trip. We visited gorgeous castle Červená Lhota, the next post will be about this trip!

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Our way to Vysočina Region

A week left after our 14 days trip around the Czech Republic and I with my girlfriend planned next trip. We were at my grandparents cottage a year ago so it was a great time to visit them again. It happened on 21st of July 2015 when we decided to go!

Our way started as usual at Ústí nad Labem main railway station from where we headed to Prague. There we changed trains and then to Tábor which is about 220 kilometres from our home. The way was quite fast and we arrived to Tábor after about two and half hours in a train.

In Tábor we had to wait 2 hours for our bus so we made a tour around the city. We visited historical center which is old and beautiful. I saw in a distance there is a view tower and I had to go up! That beautiful view on the roofs of historical buildings was so gorgeous, you should see it!

An hour passed and we remembered the bus is coming soon. The bus station is not right in the historical center so we walked fastly to catch our bus. We caught the bus and after 1 hour we were finally in our destination in a small village.

The first day in a village we explored if there is something new but there wasn’t any so we planned we will visit the places we already visited in the past. Near the village there is Červená Lhota Castle, Kamenice nad Lipou and Jindřichův Hradec, where is a Narrow-gauge railway. We visited these places but about our trips there I will write next time.

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Milešovka – the highest peak of the Central Bohemian Uplands

Last year with my girlfriend we wanted to visit the highest peak of Central Bohemian Uplands – the mountain of Milešovka. We decided to go there almost at the end of the year on 28th of September 2015. It was freezing morning so we put on a lot of clothes and it was a great idea because at the top of Milešovka there was so cold wind.

But firstly back on the way to the top. We went at 7AM from Ústí nad Labem main railway station to Lovosice 20 minutes by a train and there we had to change train for a bus. After 30 minutes in a bus we were under the mountain in a small village Milešov. After one hour of walking we reached the peak 837 metres height above sea level.

There is observatory with a view tower so we headed to watch the whole Central Bohemian Uplands from above. We caught a great weather so we had beautiful view on the whole Ore Mountains and if the weather would be a little bit better we could see Ještěd in Liberec and probably Alps.

At the view tower the wind blew a lot so we took a lot of pictures fastly and then we ran down from the tower where was a little bit warmly. We walked around the observatory a while and then it was time to climb down from the mountain.

The way down was a lot faster than uphill and after a few minutes we were in Velemín village and we continued to the restaurant called Černodolský mlýn. We were hungry and they offered us Goulash soup which was excellent. After great lunch we headed through Opárenské údolí to Malé Žernoseky from where we went by a train to home.

It was a great trip and we saw many places which we would like to visit next time. We have to visit Lovoš mountain and castle Hazmburk!

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Summary of our Summer trip 2015 by a train

We visited 11 different places: Karlštejn, Prague (4 times), Hradec Králové, Pardubice, Karlovy Vary, Liberec, Mariánské Lázně, Brno, Pilsen, Olomouc and České Budějovice.

We traveled more than 4600 kilometres and we spent more than 63 hours in trains! If we would travel for a normal train tickets we would spend more than 6100 Czech crowns for one passenger but because there were special summer tickets, one cost only 1000 Czech crowns.

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